C2G 10-pin RJ45/DB25M Modular Adapter


C2G 10-pin RJ45/DB25M Modular Adapter, 10-pin RJ45, DB25 M, Grey

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C2G 10-pin RJ45/DB25M Modular Adapter. Connector 1: 10-pin RJ45, Connector 2: DB25 M. Colour of product: Grey. Weight: 25 g

Use RJ45 10-Pin/DB25M Modular Adapters bY-Cables To Go for applications where all your serial lines need to be present. Great for extending an external modem to a DB9 or DB25 PC port. May be used to connect Digiboard or Boca board products requiring ring indicator and carrier detection-Pins.


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Dimensions 80 x 50 x 20 cm